Our Process

Why High-Quality CBD Oil?

Our primary goal has always been consistently to deliver the absolute highest-quality CBD in the industry. When manufacturing CBD from hemp, there are several methods available.

Though very expensive, our manufacturing process is the only viable option for preserving all the valuable properties of the hemp plant, not just some – while eliminating the presence of THC.

Having invested in some of the industry’s most sophisticated technology, our laboratory can produce high-quality CBD consistently. By continuing to develop and research proper production strategies, we’re able to save the powerful properties of the hemp plant so you can enjoy a naturally better product.

CBD Oil Testing

Our CBD undergoes rigorous testing throughout the entire manufacturing and production process to ensure nothing but high-quality CBD oil in every batch. Our products further undergo additional and extensive third-party testing through independent labs so we can confidently guarantee our products are free of synthetic additives. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and welcome you to view the independent third-party testing results.

Our Grow Facility & Farms

Combined with some of the most pristine growing conditions in the world, hemp grown in the U.S. is held to a much higher standard than poorly sourced international hemp. When you buy CBD oil products with CBD extracted from domestic hemp, you know you’re getting nothing but the best in premium hemp.

From Farm to Bottle: High-Quality CBD Oil

By utilizing a unique manufacturing process, we’re able to achieve natural production that results in wholesome CBD. By using domestically sourced hemp plants, we’re able to monitor what goes into every product batch closely. While others may opt for synthetic CBD or a cheaper, less-regulated international source of hemp, we believe in quality over quantity.

By maintaining a watchful eye over every step of the production process, we can ensure that you can trust the powerful properties of the CBD you’re putting in your body. When it comes to effective CBD, there is no substitute for the best. That’s precisely what cbdMD offers to every customer – the opportunity to explore the natural properties associated with hemp-derived CBD products.

cbdMD isn’t CBD for some; it’s CBD for all.